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the intention was to make this page a day to day account of the Prestige oil fill is affecting Santander, Spain.

real information to inform those who care and to stimulate and provoke those who don't.

we don't know if we will be cleaning everday, after a certain amount of time the oil solidifies on the rocks and is next to impossible to extricate. also the oil reaches here in random patches of random sizes and to random beaches and we also have lives to try and maintain. we might not have dramatic photos and news to present everyday but the goal is to provide as much information as possible. be it photos, facts, commentary. i will put up anything that i find or that people send me related to this oil spill or any other environmental issue that people want to discuss in a place they can trust.

send me photos, news clippings, commentary anything and it will be seen. maybe it will be seen by hundreds or millions, who knows, the point is to get it out there. i am consoled and inspired by all your emails and thank you for the support. for now send whatever you want to prestige@covachos.com

this page is the result of frustration. frustration with the people we are supposed to trust to manage our countries' wellbeing, frustration with the people who misinform us about the health of our country (the media) and frustration with the general state of apathy that exists in the general public worldwide in fighting to make the situation better for us all.

this page is localized right now to information regarding the Prestige oil spill in Santander, and how small group of people are trying to cope and clean with the situation.

we have been hit very hard by the disaster. the feelings could be likened to those that anyone who has experienced any kind of tragedy be it natural disaster, terrorism or war.

what has happened which is at the heart of the tragedy is that the way of life for a lot of the population of Northern Spain has been altered indefintely. The fishermen and their families have obviously been affected but so have all sectors of soceity ranging from surfers to restaurants. what hurts me the most is the unseen ramifications of this disaster to the health of our ocean, the subtle yet deadly effects of the carcinogenic chemicals in the oil and the domino effect that has on our physical and mental health.

we no longer can view the ocean as a clean, refreshing place to swim, surf, fish or reflect upon. the ocean is now just as corrupted as any other part of the world around us maybe it has been that way for a while, now we are sure.


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